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Ford F-150: The Best Full Size Truck Value in Georgia

In the highly competitive world of full-size trucks, there's only one name you need to remember: Ford F-150. This is the truck that can do it all. Need a tough, durable truck to handle the big payloads? F-150 is the right truck for you. Want a truck with an upscale interior for the drive to the office every day? Ford F-150 is also the right truck for that job. It's basically the undisputed do anything, go anywhere, be everything you want full-size truck king. Think that's a little over the top? Well, consider this:

The Ford F-Series lineup of trucks has been the top selling vehicle in America for decades. Notice we said "vehicle" and not "truck." That's because F-Series beats every other car, crossover, SUV and truck on the market in sales.

Part of the reason for the F-150 dominance is the truck's tremendous resale value. Ford's ½ ton pickup is worth more when you sell it due to the fact that it's built to last. Another reason is fuel efficiency. You read that correctly. Fuel efficiency doesn't come up often when discussing full-size trucks, but the Ford F-150 is actually one of the most fuel efficient trucks on the market. Ford engineers are constantly improving engine technologies to maintain optimal horsepower while enhancing F-150's mpg ratings.

Here's the deal:

If you are in the market for a full-size truck, then you need look no further than the Ford F-150. Mike Patton Auto Family keeps an incredible selection of F-150 models in stock on our lot. You can take advantage of Ford F-150 lease and purchase specials when you visit our dealership located at 1402 LaFayette Parkway LaGrange, GA 30241.

A Glance at the 2018 Ford F-150

The F-150 is celebrating its 40th anniversary with some exciting changes and updates for the 2018 model year. The biggest news is that Ford has enhanced the engine options in the truck to improve horsepower and fuel efficiency across the board. There's also a brand new engine available in the 2018 Ford F-150: a 3.0L Power Stroke Diesel V6.

In addition to the changes under the hood, the factory also tweaked interior and exterior aspects of the 2018 F-150. The truck has a redesigned front/rear end with new exterior lights, tailgate and grille. The options for interior color schemes have increased, and the F-150's new SYNC 3 infotainment system now provides more features and connectivity.

The 2018 Ford F-150 is available in seven different trim levels: XL, XLT, Lariat, Raptor, King Ranch®, Platinum, and Limited. Over recent years, Ford engineers have reduced vehicle weight and improved engine technologies in the F-150 now making it not only one of the most powerful full-size trucks on the market, but also one of the most fuel efficient.
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A Look into the F-150's Past

The history of the F-150 dates back to 1948 when Ford introduced its F-Series lineup of trucks in America. The F-Series lineup originally consisted of F-1, F-2, and F-3 trucks which were half-ton, three-quarter ton and heavy duty truck models. During this time period, F-Series trucks were mostly used in farming and ranching industries. It wasn't until 1953 that demand began to increase for the trucks to be available on a retail level to the public.

The factory introduced a brand new lineup of F-Series trucks in 1961. Ten years later, the first Ford truck with an F-150 nameplate was launched into the market. The F-150 sold well upon introduction and begin its steady climb towards becoming the top-selling full-size truck in America.

Why Buy Your Ford F-150 with the Mike Patton Auto Family?

In the market for a Ford F-150? Want to know where to find the best F-150 deal in the Newnan, Columbus and LaGrange areas? It's right here at Mike Patton Auto Family. We price all our Ford F-150 models aggressively so that you save the most money. Georgia is truck country and it's our mission to become the state's F-150 headquarters.

We also are out to become one of the biggest pre-owned dealers in the state, as well. Due to the fact that we offer so many new car brands, we take in hundreds of trades on a monthly basis. That means our pre-owned inventory is always fresh. Mike Patton Auto Family has used cars from practically every manufacturer on the planet, and offers low interest financing on every model we sell. We invite you to shop all our inventory online, or on the lot at 1402 LaFayette Parkway LaGrange, GA 30241.