Exterior & Interior Protection

Simoniz GlassCoat

Protect your car's interior and exterior with Simoniz GlassCoat. A permanent ceramic barrier film that lasts a lifetime, GlassCoat increases factory gloss and paint film thickness up to 10%. Whether you're leasing or buying, a GlassCoat application provides added coverage that you don't get from the manufacturer, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.
Exterior Protection From:
  •  Acid rain
  •  Bird droppings
  •  Tree sap
  •  Insects
  •  Aerosol spray paint
  •  Road de-icing materials
  •  Hard water spots
  •  UV damage
  •  Paint overspray

Interior Protection From:
  •  All consumable food
  •  Chewing gum
  •  Food dyes
  •  Make-up
  •  Crayons
  •  Blood
  •  Urine
  •  Vomit
  •  Pet waste
  •  Clothing dye
  •  Ink
  •  Mold
  •  Mildew
  •  Loose seams

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