Ford's TRAC lease program puts you in control. This customizable, open-end lease program allows flexibility to set the residual based on your business requirements. At lease-end, you are responsible for the residual. 

  • High-mileage and heavy-usage vehicles 
  • Vehicle modifications and upfits 
  • Flexible terms ranging from 12 to 60 months 
  • Combined billing 
  • No acquisition, up-front administration or termination fees 

  • No mileage restrictions or penalties 
  • No charges for excess wear and use 
  • Financing of Ford Protect 

For a full-service fleet solution, combine CommerciaLease with Commercial ServicePlus.
Mike Patton Ford
Commercial Vehicle Center

Karla Guleserian
Commercial Account Manager 
(706) 882-0600, ext. 207