Battery Replacement

Why Get Your Battery Tested
Getting regular battery tests at Mike Patton Auto Service Departments allows US to keep an eye on your battery's performance and battery lifetime.

If your car is over five years old, you should bring it to one of our Auto Service Centers in LaGrange for a free battery test. Batteries typically only have a lifetime of 4-5 years. Our Certified Technicians have specialized factory equipment to test your battery. Letting your battery age without regular testing puts you at risk for getting stranded. That is why your battery is inspected as part of every service inspection done at Mike Patton Auto.

Why LaGrange Residents Should Get Their Weak Battery Replaced
You need to pay attention to any signs of battery performance in your vehicle. Don't get trapped in the cold or on the side of the road with a dead battery. Come in to Mike Patton Auto Service Centers for a free battery test - this will ensure that your battery is not corroded, and that it does not have loose wires or corroded connections.

Remember, dead batteries are the #1 reason people call emergency roadside service - regardless of winter or summer weather. Don't let yourself get stranded because of a bad battery in your car.

Benefits of Having a Mike Patton Technician Replace Your Battery
When your battery is going bad, needing to soon be replaced, you may have problems starting your car. The last thing you want is to be running late for work in LaGrange, only to find that your car will not start. Come let one of our qualified service technicians check your battery for corroded wires or loose cable connection - and to check to see if it is time to get your battery replaced.

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