Mike Patton Auto Family
Price Protection Assurance

We are serious about giving you our customer, our very best price up front on every vehicle while eliminating the wasted time spent having to negotiate. That is why you get our Price Protection Assurance on every New and Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle in stock. When you buy a vehicle at Mike Patton, if you find a better price within 72 hours we will give you the difference PLUS 10%! How's that for confidence?


Why does Mike Patton Auto Family offer a PRICE PROTECTION ASSURANCE?
  • The primary reason we offer the PRICE PROTECTION ASSURANCE is to give you peace of mind. We work diligently to mystery-shop our competition and evaluate the market to provide you the most highly competitive price on all of our vehicles. Unfortunately, market conditions can change quickly and we may miss one. We want you to know you are protected from paying more than you should.
Do I need to buy a vehicle from Mike Patton Auto Family first to use the PRICE PROTECTION ASSURANCE?
  • Yes.  This is a reimbursement program designed to protect you if you find a better price after your purchase. It is not a negotiation tactic often used by other dealers.
Why doesn't Mike Patton Auto Family just match anyone's price and save time?
  • While this sounds simple enough, the results may not be as advantageous for you, our valued customer. In most situations, our customers tell us that our prices are significantly lower than what they have been quoted from our competition. If Mike Patton Auto Family just met another dealer's offer, your price may be higher than it should be.
What does "We reserve the right to buy the vehicle on your behalf" mean?
  • In the event that a dealer is willing to sell a vehicle at a significantly lower price, Mike Patton Auto Family may choose to purchase the vehicle at the lower price for our stock.  
Does the PRICE PROTECTION ASSURANCE apply to used cars?
  • Absolutely! While it is a little more difficult to compare "apples to apples" in used vehicles, we have tried to make it simple. We increased the allowable mileage variance versus that of our new car plan. We also added the requirement of a comparable warranty and a clean AutoCheck or CarFax report. This is to ensure the vehicles have comparable reconditioning and histories. 
Does the PRICE PROTECTION ASSURANCE apply to new vehicle demonstrators?
  • Yes! As long as the vehicle meets all of the other requirements and the mileage is within 500 miles of the comparison vehicle, it qualifies.
How do I request a refund of the savings that I have accomplished?
  • Simply contact your sales consultant with the required documentation listed on the back of our PRICE PROTECTION ASSURANCE certificate. They will handle the rest!
I found a vehicle online. Does that count?
  • It does, providing you meet all the requirements of the PRICE PROTECTION ASSURANCE certificate and the vehicle is deliverable from a dealership.
I have a buyers order signed by a salesperson at another dealership. Does that qualify?
  • A salesperson's signature on a buyers order does not qualify for the PRICE PROTECTION ASSURANCE. For a buyers order to be valid it must be signed by a manager and supported with their business card. 
I have a buyers order from a dealership in another state.  Does that qualify?
  • Sometimes manufacturers provide incentives or rebates that are regionalized.  In the event that a vehicle has a consumer rebate that is restricted by geographical limitations, Mike Patton Auto Family will provide you with supporting documentation and verification of this information. Other than incentive restrictions, if the buyers order is signed by a manager and supported by their business card, it qualifies.
Does the PRICE PROTECTION ASSURANCE apply to accessories?
  • PRICE PROTECTION ASSURANCE does not cover the price of accessories. Unfortunately, there are far too many manufacturers of varying quality to cover this purchase. You can be assured that Mike Patton Auto Family will provide you with highly competitive pricing on the highest quality accessories in the market place.
Does the Mike Patton Auto Family PRICE PROTECTION ASSURANCE apply to your Non-Certified Used Cars?
  • The PRICE PROTECTION ASSURANCE does not apply to these vehicles. Non-Certified vehicles, although safety inspected, have high levels of variance in appearance and mechanical condition. This makes it virtually impossible to compare them. As with all vehicles at Mike Patton Auto Family, you can remain confident that we will provide you the best vehicle we can with the same peace of mind that you are getting the lowest price possible.